This is what distinguishes us from other restaurants
We are Sobat restaurant, we always strive to make our valued customers guests, not customers
And that is through the type of hospitality, the method of welcome, and the selection of workers in the group in all categories, small and large, in addition to our distinguished and well-studied prices
This is a summary of a set of opinions and privileges that we have obtained through the testimonies of our visitors and those who frequent us on a daily basis, weekly or monthly.
The new restaurants and cafeterias, with their elegant shape and western style, and their (check) foods imposed a certain type of (upscale) dealings with customers, especially in the form of service, as the form began to take on the most prominent role as the gateway to the content, although many cases proved the opposite.
Among the requirements of the form comes the method of presenting the (bill), which entered a protocol state closer to (weather) than to pay the table account, as the majority of restaurants relied on the method of placing the bill in a special (two) purse, perhaps to preserve the confidentiality of the account as well as the reasons for tact and discretion, And perhaps to reduce the shock for the customer by notifying him of the importance, and perhaps to embarrass him and to block the way for him to discuss its details.
Just hypotheses
The owners of restaurants and cafeterias assume that all the customers who go to their shops are sufficiently well-off people, otherwise they would not have come to their restaurants, and that they are also affordable enough to pay the bill without checking its contents, and despite the large number of such customers, many are involved in visiting those restaurants or Cafeterias for many reasons, or out of curiosity and exploration, but their financial situation does not allow them to pass the bill details, or review the increments in it for a question, inquiry or protest, although many transient customers fall into severe embarrassment, especially if they are the owners of the invitation, so they pay reluctantly And they swear not to repeat it again.
Public embarrassment
Some accountants in restaurants and cafeterias take advantage of this point and bet on the embarrassment that the customer may fall into to increase some details in the invoice. If the customer reviews them, they can apologize for the mistake or else (the gain is with them), but what is important is that that bill was presented in a civilized way, and for any protest, The weather of the bill breaks down, and perhaps the civilization situation has turned into a “light” state that may reveal the minerals of customers and shopkeepers alike.
Bells and comics
In addition to the burden of the bill, another burden always remains in front of the customer, which is the tip that the bartender and the comic wait impatiently. On the basis of grants and tender, and these people (drag and comic) begin with test cases through the full reception from the beginning of the session until the end, even if they smell disappointment early and do not calm down while they hover around the customer in vigorous attempts to obtain his satisfaction, although that hospitality was often a cause of distress The customer is bored, especially when the concern turns into a kind of annoying urgency.
The subtleties of the comic
However, what many do not know is that a large proportion of the comic do not receive a monthly wage from the shops in which they work, and rely mainly on giving customers, and also the Jassis often charge a cheap sum from the shop owners and leave for the generosity and generosity of the customers, hence their persistence on ( The tip) is justified and perhaps legitimate, and in fact the practice of such work is often a late option for the owner after losing other job opportunities, but it may occupy a high position in the list of options if the owner is able to deal with the customer in an attractive way, and if there is (talent) When the bell or the komik, he can secure a good income in comparison to the non-productive nature of his work, as this type of work cannot be considered a profession, but rather a form of service practice, nothing more.
Limited income customers
(The bell and the comic) cause great embarrassment to those with limited income who go to restaurants and cafeterias, whether sporadically or regularly according to a certain schedule (once a week – once a month … etc.), or even those who are addicted to a particular place despite their limited income .. and all They put a material (ceiling) for the costs of visiting these places so that it is difficult for them to pay any additional amount. There are many obstacles facing low-income people, the most important of which is the high price that we can describe as (obscene), and the attempts to increase the bill by some restaurant owners, in addition to taxes. The official specified by the state .. In addition to all of this, the customer has the duty to pay the bell or the comic, or for both, and just as the comic or the barkeeper does not know the reality of the financial situation of low-income customers and their inability to pay remunerative tips, the customers often do not know the need. The comic for that tip, but the comic and the jockeys assume that any visitor to restaurants has a good financial condition, and therefore they accuse those who do not pay them with stinginess, and they may look at him with some contempt, and inevitably they will neglect him if he visits the place again …
Needs and greed
An in-depth look at the relationship between the shopkeepers and their workers, such as a bartender or a comic, makes us demand that this relationship be corrected, as the income of these restaurants is very high and perhaps the shop owners can pay the (monthly) bell and comic wages from one table, but the exploitation and greed that many enjoy is the main reason for All this mutual embarrassment between the customer – a limited income – and the bartender and the comic, which negatively affects the social and psychological aspect of the workers in those restaurants.
Inside is the scale
The concern for the elegant look and appearance (the check) must be accompanied by a civilized and human dimension in dealing with the lower level human element, and the eyes of (comic) can expose the shopkeepers and be able to determine the level

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